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Oct 09, 2014

Fast Manufacturing Releases Two New Liquid Fertilizer Applicator Models 

10/9/2014 - Mountain Lake, MN - Fast Manufacturing, based in Mt. Lake, MN, is pleased to announce the release of two new liquid fertilizer applicators, the 8000 series and 8000N series. These new applicators will offer toolbars with 30’ and 40’ lengths as well as 1050 and 1350 gallon tank options. They are an addition to Fast’s current applicator models ranging from toolbar sizes of 30’ to 90’ and tank sizes of 1050 gallons to 2400 gallons, and will be available for Spring 2015.

The 8000N series features a 30’ hydraulic fold toolbar and a 40’ hydraulic, double fold toolbar. Fast’s unique toolbar design gives it a very narrow 15’ transport width, which is one of the narrowest in the industry. The 40’ toolbar is also able to fold and side-dress at 30’ with the same toolbar. This flexibility gives operators the ability to potentially do some custom application work for neighbors.

The 8000 series features a 40’ hydraulically folding, single fold toolbar that is offered at a lower price point while still offering the quality that Fast is known for.

Fast’s focus in designing these models was to offer a high quality design at a price point that is lower than its current 8300 series. In order to achieve this, the 1050 gallon models will offer 13.6x38” and the 1350 gallon models will feature 320/90R46” tires as well as some other changes from the 8300 series.

“Our 8300 series has been a very popular model, and we will continue to offer it, but we felt that it was necessary to offer another alternative for growers that have seen the benefits of side-dressing, but want an applicator that is offered at a lower price point” said Verlyn Fast, owner of Fast Manufacturing. “This model still features the same quality design and workmanship as all of our Fast products. The narrow transport width of the 8000N series is also a nice feature as transport safety is something that is very important.”

Both models have a shortened hitch pin-to-axle length of 133” which is one of the shortest in the industry designed for improved tracking while still offering some of the highest crop clearances in the industry to minimize crop damage. The 8000N also features hydraulic WingKick which tilts the outer toolbars up when turning on ends. Both models feature an Ace 150-206 hydraulic pump, hydraulic downforce on the toolbar, and both upward and downward toolbar flex to ensure that the coulters run at a consistent depth and place the fertilizer where it is needed, in the ground. Lastly, both models offer Fast’s same patented “Stealth” style tank that gives a very low center of gravity, deep sump for excellent product cleanout, and allows for the very short coupled trailer design.

Visit your local Fast dealer or Fast’s website at for more information. Fast equipment is “Designed by Farmers, for Farmers” and is always designed with the grower in mind, providing ways to make him or her more profitable by adding more bushels to their fields.


8000N shown above with 1350 tank and 15 coulters


The 8000 is shown above with 1350 gallon tank and 15 coulters