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FAST Large Tank Capacity Sprayer Benefits



Looking for ways to increase efficiency, decrease compaction, and lower your costs per acre? Look no further than a FAST 2400 gallon sprayer on tracks!

As you are making more passes through the field and spraying 15-20+ gallons per acre to control weeds or apply pre-emerge nitrogen, larger tank capacity allows you to cover more acres between fills, spending more time in the field and less time at the water trailer.

FAST offers CAMSO 15” wide tracks which feature industry leading durability and flexibility. These tracks, combined with a FAST 120’, 2400 gallon sprayer boasts low ground pressure of 15 psi when fully loaded. Compare this with a leading 1200 self-propelled sprayer that sinks into the ground with a ground pressure rating in the very high 30 psi range. That gives FAST less than half the compaction while allowing you to cover twice as many acres between fills! In turn, this leads to higher yields, a significantly increased application window since you can cover your acres in wetter field conditions, all at a price point that is roughly one-fourth the cost of a new self-propelled!

Compared to a used self-propelled, FAST is offering new sprayer technology, no added drivetrain or wheel motors that have a tendency to cause major repair bills down the road, and a sprayer that will perform when you need it for years to come rather than worrying about when your next downtime is coming and how large the next repair bill will be!

Combine all of this with FAST’s industry leading short coupled trailer design that is 3-4’ feet shorter than our primary competition, exclusive Hydraulic AutoYaw boom cushioning system which reduces stress and provides a long-lasting sprayer boom, and exclusive steerable hitch that compensates on both hillsides and headlands to minimize crop damage.

All of this adds up to a sprayer that is designed to exceed your standards in the field, increase your efficiency, and put more dollars in your pocket over the long term.

Reduce your ruts, cover more acres with a FAST high capacity, high flotation sprayer!

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