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News Releases

FAST Mfg Releases 2016 Products and Early Order Program

Sep 03, 2015

FAST released its 2016 product line in August which includes many of the same high quality sprayers and liquid fertilizer equipment that the company is know for as well as some new features and products to enhance the use of FAST's products.

FAST Steerable Hitch

FAST offers a Steerable Hitch option that will automatically compensate to stay in your tractor tracks on both hillsides and when turning on headlands. Other manufacturers offer systems that will compensate on either hillsides or headlands, but not both. This system ties into your ISO display or can operate with a stand-alone display and through the use of sensors, speed sensors, and potentiometers it automatically detects the trailer position in relation to the tractor (headlands/turning) and gravity (hillsides). This helps significantly reduce the crop damage, keeping more bushels in your field, and will leave your fields looking much more consistent. Please click here to see a video.

ISO Hydraulic AutoYaw System

FAST offers a Hydraulic AutoYaw cushioning system that is controlled through an ISO compatible display (2630/Pro 700,ect.). This system has sensors that are mounted to the center section and senses at all times what the position of each wing is. If the wing starts moving forward or rearward due to a sudden start, stop, turn, ect., the sensor will detect that and apply hydraulic cushioning through the fold cylinder to bring the boom to a controlled/cushioned stop and also to bring the boom back to its “home” position. This system helps significantly when there is sudden tractor movements caused by auto-steer, sudden stops, when turning on ends, and also help prevent any “boom walk” that may be experienced with other booms. This is a very unique system that is offered only by FAST and provides benefits that no other trailer or 3-point sprayer can match. The FAST ISO Hydraulic AutoYaw System is standard on all 9500T and 973PT sprayers (120’ and 132’ booms). Please click here to see a video.

953P 500 or 750 Gallon 3-Point Sprayer

FAST also released a 3-Point sprayer with a 500 or 750 gallon tank integrated into the design with a 60'-100' boom. FAST's design features one main tank rather than two, a 50 gallon rinse tank, easy to access plumbing, and FAST's new tri-fold boom design which allows the 80' and 100' sprayer to fold to spray at 40' and the 90' sprayer the ability to fold and spray at 60'. This sprayer is an excellent fit in smaller and more hilly field conditions, helps reduce crop damage, and works very well when spraying field borders. This gives operators and excellent option when comparing to a self-propelled sprayer at a fraction of the cost. Please click here to see more information.

CAMSO Tracks

FAST also now offers 15" CAMSO (formerly Camoplast) Tracks which reduce ground pressure by 78% compared to 380/90R46 tires. Feedback has been very good with these systems as they significantly increase flotation, gives a very smooth trailer ride, and also track very well on hillsides. The 15" belts are offered in Camoplast's newly released TTS series which feature durable cast frame, oil bath bearings, and a very flexible design by featuring double oscillating bogie wheels which also provides greater stability. Please click here to see more information.

Early Order Program

FAST early order program was opened in August and maximum discounts run through the end of September. Lower discounts levels are offered through January 15th, 2016.  All FAST equipment is designed with a focus on the farmer by providing a short coupled design, industry leading boom ride, and industry leading toolbar flex. Please visit your local FAST dealer for more information and to see how FAST equipment is designed to make you more profitable and add bushels in your fields.