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News Releases

FAST Releases New Tri-Fold Sprayer Booms - 9500TF

Jan 26, 2015

1/12/2015 - Mountain Lake, MN

Fast Manufacturing, based in Mt. Lake, MN, is pleased to announce the release of a new sprayer boom design on its 1800 and 2400 gallon sprayers ranging from 80’-100’, the 9500TF, named the “Tri-Fold” boom. This new boom design gives an even more compact sprayer design and also gives operators the ability to stay on their planter tracks on field borders and planter come-togethers to minimize traffic patterns throughout the field.

The redesigned 80’ boom will spray at both the full length of 80’ but also fold to spray at 40’, which is a common planter size for famers utilizing the 80’ boom. In addition, each main wing on the Tri-Fold boom is 2’6” shorter than the current main wing which gives a more compact transport position.

The new 90’ Tri-Fold boom will also fold to spray at 60’ which is twice the width of a common 30’ planter. In addition, while in transport position the 90’ boom no longer extends beyond the back of the center section which gives a safer and more compact transport position which in total is 3’10” shorter than the previous design.

The redesigned 100’ Tri-Fold boom gives a much more compact design, and also allows for a shorter coupled sprayer compared to the current 100’. The hitch pin-to-axle length is now 14’8” (28” shorter than the previous design) which delivers better tracking in the field to help reduce crop damage on side slopes and headlands. The total transport length is now 20’5”, which is 5’9” shorter than the previous design. 

“Our focus has always been to tailor our sprayers and applicators to fit the needs of growers and find ways to help them be more efficient and profitable” said Verlyn Fast, owner of Fast Manufacturing. “These new booms do this by giving operators the ability to stay in their planter tracks to minimize compaction and traffic patterns throughout the field, which in turn helps maximize yield potential. In addition, providing a compact sprayer in transport position makes it less stressful on the operator and also makes it safer while traveling on the roads.”

These new booms design utilize many of the same concepts that farmers have come to expect from Fast sprayers. The 9500TF sprayers feature booms that are similar to Fast’s current 9600N Series, but give the ability to utilize high capacity 1800 and 2400 gallon tanks. All Fast sprayers provide a short coupled sprayer design to minimize crop damage while also providing industry leading boom ride to give consistent spray heights and maximized weed kill.

Visit your local Fast dealer or Fast’s website at for more information. Fast sprayers and liquid fertilizer applicators are “Designed by Farmers, for Farmers” and is always designed with the grower in mind, providing ways to make him or her more profitable by adding more bushels to their fields.