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News Releases

FAST Releases World's Largest Liquid Fertilizer Applicator - 120'

Jun 30, 2016

FAST Ag Solutions, based in Windom, MN, is pleased to announce the release of its 120’ liquid fertilizer applicator (model 8524), the largest known applicator in the world. This applicator features a 120’ working toolbar width, 2400 gallon tank, CAMSO (formerly Camoplast) tracks, and 35 FAST coulters set up on 40” spacing to work on 20” rows. This unit was sold to Kischentzi, based out of Mankivka, Ukraine and made it to the field for the first time the week of March 16th, 2016.

This applicator was the first of its kind and will be used to apply liquid nitrogen in both a pre-emerge and side-dress application in corn, canola, wheat, and sunflower. Kischentzi also purchased a set of FAST 1000 gallon stainless steel inboard tracks tanks to have the ability to carry 3400 total gallons and cover more hectares between fills.

Kischentzi’s need for a 120’ applicator came about as they are working on switching to a 120’ planter and want all their application equipment to follow the same planter tracks. They are also using a “tram-line system” where they widen out the row spacing where tractor tracks drive down in an effort to minimize compaction areas across the field. The tram-line system allows their applicator and sprayer tractor to drive in the same tracks that the planter tractor drove down.

Kischentzi was also looking for ways to increase yields on their farm and get the most out of their nitrogen investment. The FAST applicator helps them achieve this in a couple ways. First, split-application of nitrogen and applying just before high growth stages when yield is determined is a huge benefit by ensuring that their crop has all the nitrogen that it will need. Secondly, applying nitrogen in the ground rather than dribbling it on top of the soil helps minimize the risk of nitrogen loss since the nitrogen is more secure and has less risk of de-nitrification once it makes it in the soil. By applying nitrogen in the ground they do not need to rely on rain to get the nitrogen down to the plant roots, where it is needed. Therefore, they saw the FAST applicator as a way to both boost yields and also help protect their nitrogen investment.

The FAST 120’ applicator design uses some of the same concepts as their current 90’ (8424 model) design, but also added a few new features to perform well in the field at a 120’ width. FAST added a 15’ intermediate wing on each side which flexes to adapt to the different contours of the ground. FAST also added another spot for active hydraulic down pressure along the toolbar to ensure that all the coulters across the toolbar will stay in the ground, which in turn assures that all the nitrogen is placed in the ground where it is needed. The design process started in June 2015 and ended in January 2016, when the unit left FAST’s shipping dock in Windom, MN. The 120’ applicator with tracks, FAST Track Tanks, and some additional coulter components were shipped in (2) 40’ high-cube shipping containers.

FAST’s model 8524 120’ applicator is now available in the U.S. and across the world to go along with FAST’s complete line of pull-type and 3-point applicators ranging from 30’-120’ and 1050-2400 gallons. FAST applicators are known for a high quality, durable design, featuring a short coupled trailer to track very well in the field, industry-leading toolbar flex, FAST coulter design featuring a durable 2” shank and consistent application depth, and extremely flexible row spacing options to work in both corn and small grains.

Visit your local FAST dealer or FAST’s website at for more information. FAST sprayers and liquid fertilizer applicators are “Designed by Farmers, for Farmers” and is always designed with the grower in mind, providing ways to make him or her more profitable by adding more bushels to their fields.

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