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Nurse Trailer

Nurse Trailer

Key Benefits

Brake Package

Fast has implemented a 2 wheel hydraulic surge on the front axle of the nurse trailer series. This allows for easier towing as well as another level of safety. The hydraulic surge brake package comes standard on the 1600 and 1350, and is optional on 1000 gallon trailers.

LED Lighting

When any equipment is hauled down a road it is essential you and the piece of equipment is visible to others on the road. The LED lighting package gives you great visibility and years of dependable service. These lights are a six-way connector and all the wiring is enclosed. The LED lighting package comes standard on the 1600 and is optional on the 1350 and 1000 gallon trailers.

Powder-Coat Paint


When you make an investment in equipment, you want it to last, which is why Fast's equipment is all finished with baked-on powder coat paint. Powder coat paint gives equipment great resistance to harsh chemicals, which leads to a longer life and better resale value for you.







Trailer Features



The 1600 gallon trailer has a 20,000 lb gross vehicle weight rating, while the 1350 and 1000 gallon trailers have a 14,000 lb gross vehicle weight rating. The frame width for the 1600 is 74" and the overall length is 17'. The frame width for the 1350 and 1000 gallon trailer is 71" and the overall length is 15'



The 1000 gallon trailer comes optional with the reliable 2" 160CC Honda GC series motor, while optional on the 1350 and 1600 gallon trailer is the 3" 340CC Honda GC series motor with electric start. Standard on the 1600 gallon nurse trailer tank is a sloped sump for maximum product clean out. 


The Fast Nurse trailer series is a top of the line liquid handling trailer. It is designed to have all valves in an easily accessible location so shutting off/turning on valves can be done with ease. Like all products in Fast's line-up the nurse trailer was designed by farmers for farmers.

Nurse Trailer Literature

Nurse Trailer Brochure